Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Venus meets Saturn

Tonight and tomorrow night just after sunset, the planets Venus and Saturn get together. From our point of view, they lie next to each other very low above the western horizon. You may be unable to spot them because of the mountain ridges. If you have a clear western horizon, scan the area with binoculars about 8:45. Venus will be the brighter of the pair — Saturn may be difficult to see.

Good luck!

Such is our view from Earth ...


imkb said...

I am a teacher in Botetourt and my elementary students study the night sky in Australia with a telescope via the Internet. I am trying to learn more about Astronomy and also set up some events for IYA. I went to the ROVAS Web site and the page does not appear to be working properly- I only see a black screen. Can you please advise?

Curious Skywatcher said...

The website for the Roanoke Valley Astronomical Society is "under construction" after being moved to:

It should be finished with in the week.

If you need astronomy assistance, I'd be happy to help.


imkb said...

What is the best way for me to contact you? My email is