Sunday, September 7, 2008

Venus and Mars are all right tonight

This week Venus and Mars can be found low in the west shortly after sunset. Every night, Venus appears slightly higher in the western sky while Mars drops lower.

Look to the west about 8:00 p.m. If you have a low unobstructed horizon, you should see a bright "star" near the horizon. That is Venus, our solar system's second planet from the sun. Through binoculars you may glimpse Mercury below Venus.

Tonight, Mars will be to the upper left of Venus. You'll probably need binoculars to catch it in the bright twilight. Over the next 4 nights, Venus and Mars grow closer. On September 11, Venus finally passes Mars when they will be practically bump into each other. You'll need binoculars to see this.

No doubt about it, this will be a tough sight to see because of the twilight and low altitude of these two planets.

Such is our view from Earth ...

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Astronomie said...

It has always been fun to watch the sky,but it has also been a hidden discovery.